Lavar Ball and the Ball Brothers: the new royal family of the basketball world?

Turn on Sportscenter at any point in the last six months, and one of the Ball brothers, Lonzo, LiAngelo, and Lamelo, would be getting national attention.

And if it’s not the brothers making headlines, their father, Lavar, is certain to have said another controversial statement about his sons and the family company, the Big Baller Brand.

For the inside scoop on the new royal family of the basketball world, check out Sportscenter’s feature on them:

Time will only tell if Lavar Ball is a madman, or a prophet.

The oldest brother, Lonzo, has done his part in his first (and only) season at UCLA, leading them to the Sweet 16, as well as being a finalist for the Wooden Award Trophy as the most outstanding college basketball player.

As for LiAngelo (Class of 2017) and LaMelo (Class of 2019), their scoring outbursts are common, and their high school program, Chino Hills, has taken California by storm the last few years. Will similar success follow them to UCLA?

Being in the spotlight is something the brothers are used to.

The jury is still out on the Ball brothers being sure-fire NBA stars, as Lavar swears they will be, but one thing is for certain: their combination of potential and intrigue is unmatched.

As for the next chance to catch the Lonzo Ball show, tune in to CBS on Friday at 9:39pm to see the Bruins take on the Kentucky Wildcats in their Sweet 16 matchup.


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