Trevon Duval, Mohamed Bamba headline the best of the uncommitted recruits

Trevon Duval

Considering: Arizona, Baylor, Duke, Kansas, Seton Hall

NBA comparison: Russell Westbrook/Kyrie Irving

Strengths: Incredible finisher at the rim, both dunks and difficult layups.

Weaknesses: Still learning how to balance his own offense while still setting up his teammates for easy scores.

If I was him, I would commit to: Duke because he could play for Coach Mike Krzyzewski, who helped groom Irving into the no. 1 pick in 2011. Coach K’s experience on the Olympic level for Team USA would also serve Duval well as he continues to learn how to master the point guard position.

Mohamed Bamba

Considering: Duke, Kentucky, Michigan, Texas

NBA comparison: Rudy Gobert/Nerlens Noel

Strengths: One of the most physically gifted players in high school, with great timing on the defensive end.

Weaknesses: His offensive game is still a work in progress, with a lot of room grow (literally). He needs to continue adding muscle to his very lean (and long) frame.

If I was him, I would commit to: Kentucky because Coach John Calipari’s track record with elite big man is undeniable (Anthony Davis, Demarcus Cousins, Karl Anthony-Towns). Also, two friends/former teammates of Bamba’s will be on the Wildcats roster next year – Hamidou Diallo and Quade Green.

Brandon McCoy

Considering: Arizona, Michigan State, Oregon, San Diego State, UNLV

NBA comparison: Marquese Chriss/Rashard Lewis

Strengths: McCoy’s combination of quick feet, length, soft touch, and explosiveness is unmatched by any other post player in the class.

Weaknesses: He needs to get better at staying in an athletic stance on both ends on the floor by bending his knees, and playing with a wider, more balanced base.

If I was him, I would commit to: Arizona because Coach Sean Miller only has two centers likely returning to Tucson next year (Dusan Ristic and Chance Comanche), with Lauri Markkanen to enter the NBA Draft. McCoy will be able to contribute right away, and hopefully follow Markkanen’s footsteps to the lottery.

Kevin Knox is one of the most explosive athletes in the class.
Kevin Knox is one of the most explosive athletes in the class.
Kevin Knox

Considering: Alabama, Arizona, Duke, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, LSU, Miami, North Carolina, Villanova

NBA comparison: Rodney Hood/Shawn Marion

Strengths: Knox is a force in the open court, who loves to grab the defensive rebound and then push the fast break, where he often finishes above the rim.

Weaknesses: His outside jumper is not consistent enough yet to keep defenses honest but with added strength, that part of his game will continue to improve.

If I was him, I would commit to: Florida because he can stay in his home-state, he can contribute to an up-tempo team right away, and because the Gators always have skinny athletic wings succeed (Corey Brewer anyone?).

Brian Bowen

Considering: Arizona, Creighton, Michigan, North Carolina State, Texas, UCLA

NBA comparison: Jason Richardson (Bowen’s uncle)

Strengths: Has a very versatile offensive game, with the ability to score from all three levels (paint, midrange, three-pointers).

Weaknesses: Finishing at the rim through contact – he’s still growing into his body.

If I was him, I would commit to: Michigan because he too can stay in home-state, and his scoring ability combined with Duncan Robinson’s shooting will make the Wolverines one of the most dangerous Big Ten teams instantly.


5 thoughts on “Trevon Duval, Mohamed Bamba headline the best of the uncommitted recruits

  1. This is a good post with great information. If I could offer one word of advice, it would be to make sure to space out some of your info, or even bold it when you switch topics. Besides that good work.


  2. This was very professionally done. I really like it when there’s video to go along with the scouting info. As far as information goes, you have it all there, and I specifically like the “If I was him” touch to it. Duval and Bamba sound like really intriguing players. They should make things interesting next year if they both commit to Duke. Which sites did you use to do your research?


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